White Liger Cubs

World’s first and rarest white liger cubs were born during November, 2013. However; these white liger cubs came to media’s limelight during January, 2014 almost 6 weeks after they were born. The total numbers of white liger cubs were four and they were born at Myrtle Beach Safari, South Carolina, USA. Myrtle Beach Safari is already a famous safari spot for ligers in USA. However; this time this Safari park proudly announced to have bred world’s first and unique white liger cubs. These liger cubs are called white liger cubs because their father (A male African Lion) and their mother (A female Bengal Tigress) are perfectly white.

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White liger cubs born to a white lion and a white tigress.
White liger cubs are born to a white lion and a white tigress. Photo Courtesy of

The names of these four white liger cubs were Odlin, Yeti, Samson and Apolo. All of these liger cubs were male ligers and they looked perfectly healthy from their appearances and movements. At six weeks, old age these liger cubs already weighed around 6 pounds. Interestingly, the white liger cubs were not entirely white though as they had white legs and brown linings like tiger on their skin. But in general, their overall skin above the legs looked pale brown. Their facial marking was closely related to that of the tiger rather than a lion. Moreover; the markings on their tail also resembled that of the tiger as well.

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The names of white liger cubs are Odlin, Yeti, Samson and Apolo.
The names of the world's first white liger cubs are Odlin, Samson, Yeti and Apolo. Photo Courtesy of

The father of these white liger cubs was also born at Myrtle Beach Safari. His name is Ivory the Lion; whereas; the name of their mother is Saraswati the Tigress. Both Ivory the lion and Saraswati are around 4 to 5 years old; when they became parents and gave birth to the world’s rarest white liger cubs. Ivory the lion weighs around 450 pounds while Saraswati the tigress weighed around 400 pounds. However; their cubs are expected to grow around 900 pounds, when they will reach the age of around 4 years. Liger cubs grow very fast as compared to the tiger cubs and lion cubs. Liger cubs on average grow around 1 pound per day while lion or tiger cubs grow at less than half a pound per day during their overall growth years.

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Parents of the white liger cubs i.e., white lion and white tigress.
The parents of the white liger cubs are male white lion and a female white tigress. The name of their father is Lord Ivory and the name of their mother is Saraswati the tigress. Photo Courtesy of

It is very important to note here that white tigers and white lions usually weigh bigger than the normal tigers and lions. So here we have a male white lion as a father and female white tigress as a mother, will the background of these parents will allow their offspring (white liger cubs) to grow even bigger and stronger than the normal ligers. It is still very early to say about it but chances are they might grow bigger. The reason being they will not only have the hybrid vigor but white lion and tigress genes as well within their genetics. Only the real and actual size of these white liger cubs at the time of their maturity (after 4 years) will tell whether white ligers are bigger than the normal ligers or not.

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White liger cubs will grow up to become bigger in size.
There is a huge possibility that the white liger cubs will grow up to be come bigger in size than the normal liger cubs. Photo courtesy of

Let’s have a comparison of these white liger cubs with white tiger cubs or even with white lion cubs, and see whether we find any differences in color or not. The white cubs of both white lions and white tigers are usually vividly white. However; if we look at the white liger cubs they were not as much whiter as the cubs of white lions and white tigers. The white liger cubs had white color but also had a hint of light tawny brown fur as well. However; still as compared to normal liger cubs, these white liger cubs were relatively white. Therefore; a white liger cubs may not be perfectly white when they grow up to become big ligers.

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The fur color of the white liger cubs is not as much whit as that of the white lion or white tiger.
When it comes to the fur color of the white liger cubs, they have a a unique light color which isn't that much white as compared to the white lions and white tigers. Photo courtesy of Myrtle Beach Safari

All of these white liger brothers are cared by one of the renowned and famous animal trainers i.e., Dr. Bhagavan Antle, Rajani Ferrante, Moksha Byee and China York. Dr. Bhagavan Antle has raised more than dozens of ligers himself and has an experience of more than 40 years with big cats. Rajani Ferrante, Moksha Bybee and China York are also very experienced liger experts and they have at least 15 years of experience with the big cats. About one of these ligers named as Yeti the liger, Dr. Bhagavan Antle has predicted that he will grow as much bigger as Hercules the liger who is the world’s biggest liger weighing 921 pounds.

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Animal trainers of the white liger cubs
The animal trainers of these white liger cubs include Moksha Bybee, Rajani Ferrante, China York and Kodi Antle. All of these animal trainers work at Myrtle Beach Safari, South Carolina. Photo courtesy of


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