Tiger Cubs vs Liger Cubs

Liger cubs are born to a male lion and female tigress which are two distinctive but similar genes of parents in big cats. Whereas; the tiger cubs are born to same gene of parents i.e., tiger and the tigress. So, the liger cubs are hybrid cubs in the big cat family, whereas; the tiger cubs are always pure pedigree of the tiger genetics. Therefore; the question is, when a lion mates with a female tigress to produce liger cubs how different these cubs are different from the tiger cubs? What’s the difference they gain in terms of their physical look? How much do they weigh at the time of their birth? What’s the growth pattern of the liger cubs as compared with the tiger cubs? How healthy are liger cubs as compared to the tiger cubs and what’s their survival rate? Do they experience any difference in terms of their behavior? These are all the questions that will be highlighted throughout this article.

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Tiger Cub vs Liger Cub Comparison
Liger cubs and tiger cubs both have their differences and similaries, when it comes to their appearance and behavior.

Whenever; a liger cub is born, it has stripes on its skin, whereas; the same is true about the tiger cub as well as, they are famous for the stripes. The pattern of the stripes on the tiger cub is darker, whereas; the pattern of the stripes on the liger cub is a bit paler and dull, when compared with the tiger cub’s stripes. However; the stripes pattern of both tiger cub and liger cub is vividly visible. It should also be noted that a liger cub has more stripes on its fur or skin as compared to the tiger cub. As for the furs of both cubs, a tiger cub has an orange fur, whereas; the liger cub has a tawny brown fur. Both tiger cub and liger cub has facial markings. Moreover; both of them has almost identical tail pattern and shape. Therefore; rest of the physical characteristics of the liger cub and a tiger cub are almost identical.

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Fur colors of liger cubs and tiger cubs.
Both tiger cubs and liger cubs have different fur colors. A liger cub has a tawny or pale brown fur, whereas; a tiger cub has an orange fur. Photo Courtesy of

Liger cubs at the time of their birth are of same weight as that of the tiger cubs. Average weight for the liger cubs at the time of their birth is around 1.8 pounds. The same is true about the tiger cubs as well, whose average weight is from 1.8 pounds to 3 pounds at maximum. About liger cubs there are some myths which state that liger cubs at the time of the birth weigh around 5 pounds to 8 pounds and it is not possible for a tigress to give birth and a C-Section surgical procedure is required to have birth of the liger cubs. This is absolutely wrong and within all of our observations, we have always found that a liger cub is almost equal in size of the tiger cub.

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Liger cubs and tiger cubs both love to swim.
Both liger cubs and tiger are great swimmers. They have a great love for swimming and playing inside water. Photo Courtesy of

The most important thing is the growth rate difference in between a liger cub and a tiger cub. Tiger cubs grow till the age of 4 until they become fully mature. The same is true about the liger cubs as well. However; an astonishing thing here is that, on average a liger cub grows at about 1 pound of weight per day during the span of these four years. Tiger cubs on the other hand grow half a pound or less during their growth years. Right after the birth a liger cubs have a much faster growth rate as compared to the tiger cub. If you will compare an 8 weeks old tiger and an 8 weeks old liger cub, you will always find a liger cub much heavier and bigger than a tiger cub in terms of its weight and overall size.

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Liger cubs have a faster growth rate than a tiger cub.
The growth rate of the liger cub is twice more than that of the tiger cub. In the picture a liger cub in the background of tiger cubs is of the same age as them, but he has grown up bigger because of his faster growth rate. Photo Courtesy of

Liger cubs in terms of their behavior exhibit skills of lion cubs as well as the tiger cubs. When it comes to squealing, liger cubs squeal more like lion cubs rather than the tiger cubs. However; when it comes to water and swimming in water; the liger cubs just like the tiger cubs, love to swim and show a playful behavior within water. The aggression of the liger cubs is more tilted towards that of the lions rather than that of the tiger cubs. Tiger cubs prefer to use claws and stand on their hind legs in fighting, while liger cubs rarely stand on their hind legs while fighting and their aggression is more tilted towards lion cubs. Liger cubs unlike tiger cubs are more social. Liger cubs have huge preference for living in groups. This behavior of the liger cubs makes them closer to the lion cubs.

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Behavior of the liger cubs and tiger cubs
Liger cubs exhibit a lot of similar behavior of the tiger cubs such as swimming, squealing and playing. Photo Courtesy of

Some myths reveal that liger cubs have conflicting and confusing behavior which is absolutely wrong. The myths even mention that liger cubs are not sure what to do, because of the mixing of the genes. In our opinion liger cubs always exhibit a unique behavior which is a blend of tiger cubs as well as the lion cubs. Moreover; there is no such thing as confusion within their behavioral attributes. The liger cubs exhibit the best abilities of lions and tigers combine, which make them an ultimate super cat, when they become adults.

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Liger cubs have behavioral myths.
Myths which state that liger cubs have confused behaviors are nothing more than myths. They have nothing to do with the behavior of the liger cubs. Liger cubs exhibits some behavior of the tiger cubs. Photo Courtesy of


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