Liger Cubs Love Swimming

Liger cubs are great swimmers. They are never shy of water. In fact; liger cubs even enjoy their time in water than any other big cat cubs. Their love for swimming makes them closer in relevance with tiger cubs. Tiger cubs are great swimmers and they also show a very playful behavior in water. Therefore; it can be safely assumed that the liger cubs inherit their swimming behavior from their mother i.e., tigress. Remember the overall behavioral traits of the liger cubs comprise of a blend and a mix of lion behavior and a tiger behavior. Swimming, playing in water and never shy of water are some of the core behavioral traits which are associated with the liger cubs.

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Liger cubs love swimming.
Liger cubs love to swim. They are never shy of water and they enjoy their time in water. Photo courtesy of

At the time of birth the liger cubs are blind, so they cannot swim at that time. Usually it takes them around 8 to 12 weeks to get ready for the swimming adventure. Tiger cubs are also born blind and they also get ready for swimming before they are 8 to 12 weeks. Big cat cubs even younger than 8 weeks are also seen swimming in National Geographic documentaries. In the beginning the liger cubs might be little hesitant of water as their first adventure but once they go inside, they become accustomed with water very easily. Usually at around 5 to 6 months of time the liger cubs comfortably start playing inside the water. Onwards throughout their lives the liger cubs will always have a love for swimming and playing inside the water.

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Liger cubs love to swim and play inside water.
As soon as the liger cubs get 8 to 12 weeks old, they start swimming and playing inside the water as well. Photo courtesy of

Among the big cat family, only the tiger cubs and jaguar cubs have a great love for swimming. Tigers are also known to swim and attack their prey as well. They can swim with an ease for many kilometers inside the rivers as well. Lion cubs, Cheetah Cubs, and even leopard cubs are hesitant to go inside the water for hunting. Similarly, Pumas, lynxes and caracals are also shy of water for swimming. These cats can certainly swim naturally but usually they avoid to go inside the water for playing or even for the hunting. Only other big cat which hunts in water is jaguar. So, the liger cubs also belong to that special group of big cats which prefer to swim for their adventures.

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Liger cub and tiger cub swimming inside the water.
Both liger cubs and tiger cubs love to play and swim inside the water. Only very few big cats have a great desire and preference for swimming inside the water. Photo courtesy of

So why do some big cat cubs have swimming preferences as their instincts while others don’t have? The key reason is the prey and food. Tigers and jaguars are even known to do fishing in water as well. Tigers are known to swim for hunting for at least 3 miles. This aquatic lifestyle for food and prey is set for tigers and jaguars for millions of years. Therefore; swimming is in their genes and during hybridization, the swimming genes are then transferred to liger cubs as well who love to swim right from the beginning.

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Liger cubs inherit their swimming genes from their mothers i.e., tigress
Liger cubs inherit their swimming genes from the tiger family. Tigers are considered as the best swimmers in the big cat family. Photo courtesy of

Swimming also serves as an entertainment adventure for the liger cubs. They love to play inside the water and it keeps them busy. Furthermore; it also increases their level of interaction with the trainers and caretakers. It is also believed that such interactions of the trainers make liger cubs less aggressive. This is good for the trainers’ safety as well. Therefore; in general, this habitat keeps the liger cubs fit and healthy as compared to the other big cats which do not swim. This is especially true for captive big cats because in captivity big cats usually have no physical activity to perform whatsoever.

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Swimming creates a great interaction in between the liger cubs and the animal trainers.
Swimming always create a great bond in between the liger cubs and animal trainers. Photo courtesy of

If you are interested in watching real liger cubs or even big ligers swimming in water, then the best place to visit is Myrtle Beach Safari. This animal safari is located at South Carolina in United States. They have magnificent swimming facilities for the ligers and other big cats to swim inside water. They do let liger cubs to swim in their pools and even their animal trainers play with them in water. They even have a transparent underground glass side of swimming pool as well from where you can see liger cubs diving and play inside water as well. Famous big cat trainers such as Moksha Bybee, Rajani Ferrante, China York and Kody Tarzan all belong to Myrtle Beach Safari and they swim alongside liger cubs and even bigger ligers as well. Their promotional videos always show big cats and their cubs swimming along with trainers inside the big swimming pools.

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Liger cub swimming at Myrtle Beach Safari, South Carolina, USA.
If you want to see a liger cub swimming, then you can always visit Myrtle Beach Safari, in South Carolina, USA to watch a liger cub or even a bigger liger swimming at a big pool there. Photo courtesy of


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