Health of Liger Cubs

At the time of their birth liger cubs look perfectly healthy. All the big cat experts who have bred ligers, consider them perfectly healthy without any health issues. Since liger cubs are born as a result of cross-breeding of male African lion and female Bengal Tigress or Siberian Tigress, therefore; questions about their health have always been there i.e., health issues, renal functions disorders and heart related issues etc. These can be very serious issues and the presence of any of these issues will always mean a liger cub cannot survive. However; in our observations about liger cubs, we have concluded that no such health-related issues were found within liger cubs. A careful examination has also revealed that liger cubs had perfectly normal respiratory functions, stronger heart functions and perfect renal system.

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Liger cubs are perfectly healthy and they are free of any diseases at the time of birth.
Liger cubs possess perfect degree of health and they are free of any kind of diseases at the time of birth. Photo Courtesy of

It should also be noted that the health of the liger cubs is also as good as the health of the tiger or lion cubs. It has also been found that the liger cubs at the time of their birth are of the same size as that of tiger and lion cubs. Since liger cubs grow at a very fast rate, therefore; for this they need all their body functions to work in a perfectly streamlined way. The high growth rate of the liger cubs is itself a big indicator that liger cubs are always healthy, vigorous and active at the time of their birth. If liger cubs would have any health-related issues, then how come they be able to grow at a much faster growth rate than the other big cats. This further means that their body functions are more active than the body functions of the other big cat cubs.

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Liger cubs have a very healthy growth rate.
Liger cubs are blessed with a very healthy, fast and vigourous growth rate. This growth rate is a clear indicator of the liger's health. Photo Courtesy of

Furthermore; the survival rate of the liger cubs, lion cubs and a tiger cubs (after their births in captivity) is also same as well. It has been found that the survival rate of the big cat cubs typically depends upon the good and hygienic living conditions and same is true about the liger cubs as well. For example, the liger cubs born in Taiwan during the year 2010 didn’t have any reasonably good conditions, therefore; they could not survive and only one out of three liger cub made it to the adulthood. Their parents were kept in a very small enclosure and their mother during the pregnancy didn’t have suitable living conditions. Even their owner didn’t know the tigress is pregnant and it would give birth to the liger cubs.

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The survival rate of the liger cubs is also very high.
The survival rate of the liger cubs is also higher and same as that of the lion and tiger cubs. The higher survival rate of the liger cubs is also a key proof that the liger cubs are very healthy. Photo Courtesy of

In another observation; the liger cubs born at Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina, USA, were perfectly healthy. This was based upon the fact that the survival rate of the liger cubs at Myrtle Beach Safari, was 100 percent. For example, during the year 2004, a litter of four liger cubs was born at Myrtle Beach Safari and all of them went on to become huge ligers, weighing more than 900 pounds. The only reason that these liger cubs were able to live a healthy life was that, they were perfectly taken care of, before and after the time of their births. Furthermore; during the last 10 years about 9 liger cubs are born at Myrtle Beach Safari and all of them are still alive today. Therefore; whether the liger cubs are born with perfect health or with poor health, it all depends upon the provision of good living conditions during pregnancy of their mother (the tigress) and care provided to the liger cubs when they are born.

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Liger Cubs at Myrtle Beach Safari have also been very healthy.
In one of the student conducted at Myrtle Beach Safari, it was specifically found that liger cubs at Myrtle Beach Safari were very healthy. Photo Courtesy of

It can be safely assumed that any topic which escalates about the health issues of liger cubs is either based upon misrepresentation or it is a complete propaganda. Some so-called Animal Rights Activists have further propagated this escalation by falsely declaring liger cubs as being unhealthy. They posited that many liger cubs are full of genetic failure and as a result of that their health have always been at the big risk. All of these statements are nothing more than mere rumors, because they are not based upon any study, any observation or any scientific examination. Media extracts these rumors, who for financial reasons spread it, across their networks. Sadly, Animal Rights Activists in today’s world have been transformed into different mafia entities with core focus on financial gains rather than devising different options for animal conservation.

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All the negative health related rumors about liger cubs' health have been propogated by animal rights activists.
Animal rights activists deliberately spread rumors about the negative health of the liger cubs and ligers in general. Photo courtesy of

According to Dr. Bhagavan Antle, the liger cubs do not have any health related issues at the time of their births or at any stage of their lives. Not to forget that Dr. Bhagavan Antle has decades of experience with big cats and especially with ligers. He works at Myrtle Beach Safari South Carolina and he has personally raised a lot of ligers. He concludes that all of the health-related issues against ligers are just a misconception and nothing more than myths. He has emphasized about ligers as healthy creatures within many international documentaries and news channels. His concluding remarks about liger cubs are that they are born healthy and live normally throughout their entire lives.

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All the health related issues about liger cubs are just mere myths.
According to Dr. Bhagavan Antle all the health related stated issues about liger cubs in media are nothing more mere myths. Photo Courtesy of


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